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Half of Barlow Hospital Site Selling To Mysterious Developer

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The developer interested in buying up the Barlow Respiratory Hospital property in Elysian turns out not to be made up after all. At a neighborhood council meeting in May, hospital exec Margaret Crane said that she'd lined up a developer to build 600 residential units on the Dodger Stadium-adjacent site, but at least one attendee thought she was bluffing. But no--at a meeting this week, Crane announced that there's a sale underway for the western portion of the hospital's 25-acre campus, and told the Eastsider that they are reviewing a second proposal to sell the main part of the campus east of Stadium Way, though she wouldn't say who the buyer (or buyers?) is. For years now, Barlow has been pushing a controversial plan to rezone its property, which would allow a sale to a developer who could then build hundreds of homes on the site. Barlow says they need the proceeds from the sale to modernize the hospital, but the plans are wildly unpopular in the community. Updated 7/31: A rep for Barlow tells us: "We have been working on a revised plan which could potentially take into account these revisions, including lowering the number of residential units significantly below 600. We are currently working on finalizing the program."
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