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Watch a Short History of How Cricket Came to Compton

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Brits and peeps from the former British colonies probably know all about Southern California's cricket culture (there are 41 clubs in the Southern California Cricket Association!), but there's one team in town that never gave a shit about the queen: the Compton Cricket Club. Activist Ted Hayes started it all back in the nineties at Skid Row's Dome Village--a geodesic dome colony he founded to house the homeless--and in 1997 he and CCC cofounder Katy Haber decided to take cricket to Compton, starting with a workshop at Compton High. Since then, the club has traveled around the world (Prince Edward set up a game for them against the Windsor Palace staff) and earned the respect of the neighborhood. Now they're all just trying to keep it all going. Grantland tells the whole story in a short video:

· Grantland Channel: The Compton Cricket Club [Grantland]