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CBS Sponsored Post Suggests You Take a Mercedes to Rustic Canyon's Nazi Ruins

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Murphy Ranch, the ruins of a 1930s Nazi command center up in Rustic Canyon, is super cool and fun to visit. You should go there! And CBS LA has a great, paid-for suggestion: "make sure to arrive in your 2013 C250 Coupe from Mercedes-Benz of Encino. You'll be so glad to have such a comfortable and elegant ride to enjoy, especially after you've climbed more than 500 stairs in addition to the hiking of the surrounding area." Totally agree, sponsored CBS post (via @onthemedia)--if you're headed to the ruins of a self-sustaining compound built by American Nazi sympathizers and their charismatic German friend Herr Schmidt in hopes that it would serve as the seat of Nazi power in the US, it just makes sense to take Hitler's favorite car (produced by the company that employed Adolf Eichmann after World War II). The sponsored post was published a couple days ago, but was just taken down this morning. Aaaaanyway, head this way for more on Murphy Ranch, and why not ride the bus there sometime?
· Murphy Ranch: Nazi Ruins In Southern California [CBS LA; cached]
· Visiting the Paul Williams Nazi Command Center in Rustic Canyon [Curbed LA]