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Here's the New Metro Bus Designed By Shepard Fairey

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LAUSD has revealed the last of three Metro buses designed by famous artists (see Barbara Kruger here and John Baldessari here)--here's Shepard Fairey's contribution to the Arts Matter campaign, which promotes arts programs in the school district (funding for which, as you could guess, has been slashed to ribbons). Fairey's work is called "Create Your Future"; he asked LAUSD students "What does the world look like when you take away the things that limit you?" and went to town based on the answers ("His graphic includes a leaf to symbolize green energy, a diamond to represent material and financial success and a peace sign," according to the Daily News.). According to KPCC, the artwork will "be featured on six city buses, 40 billboards, 80 bus shelters and in various other bulletins around town." And else would you show off a new work of art but The Grove, which is where Fairey's bus made its debut, in front of the J. Crew.
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