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Amanda Bynes Starting Fires in Thousand Oaks Driveways Now

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Angeleno/wayward child star Amanda Bynes has been taking a crazy tour all over New York lately--she threw a bong out a window, got evicted, babbled some nonsense to a Gawker writer--which is just all wrong. Stars should go crazy in Los Angeles, where the paparazzi hordes roam, the sheriff's department loves a celebrity, and no self-respecting starfucking landlord would ever kick a famous person out just for having a bong. Bynes finally figured that out and has come home to the West Coast, spectacularly: she started a potentially explosive fire on a random driveway in Thousand Oaks and has now been hospitalized on an involuntary mental health hold (yeah, she had to come to LA for anyone to notice she's got a problem, apparently).

The wave of terror appears to have started Sunday night at a retirement community in TO, where, according to TMZ, management "turned [Bynes] away because they felt she was drunk and accused her of trespassing." They called her a cab, but when she told the driver she didn't have any money, the driver kicked her out. Then last night, she showed up at a nearby home, where "she put a flaming cloth on top of a gas tank ... effectively creating a makeshift explosive" (she was just carrying a "little red gas tank" around for some reason!). The gas tank did not explode, but there was a fire, sheriff's deputies arrived, and now Bynes is hospitalized. Bynes owns a house in Calabasas and grew up in Thousand Oaks.