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Tara to Be Mothballed While WeHo Decides What to Do With It

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West Hollywood is finally taking steps on deciding the future of "Tara," the city-owned Colonial Revival house on Laurel Avenue. The first step is "mothballing" the nearly-100-year-old house--the house will be preserved until a more long-term decision on what to do with it is made, WeHoville reports. The house has been empty for eight years and needs a new roof, fumigation, water repair, and mold removal. Once that's done, community meetings will be held to get input on the future of Tara, which was given to the city in 1997 by its owner. Tara is a protected landmark, but WeHo tried unsuccessfully to turn it into affordable housing (and build more low-income units on the property)--they booted tenants in 2005 and it's sat idle ever since. There's hope that Tara will become a community center to host art shows, author readings, or AA meetings, or that it could be rented out for wedding receptions or bar mitzvahs.
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