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New Plans For a Bike Path Along All 51 Miles of the LA River

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The LA River is on fire lately--a recreation zone open for all manner of fun, a a new pedestrian bridge in the works, plans to rip out the concrete and restore 11 miles of the river, and, you know, sometimes there are actual flames, too. Now add Greenway 2020 to the list. It's a plan, launched today, to create a continuous greenway and bike path along all 51 miles of the LA River by the end of the decade. According to today's announcement, the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation--a public private partnership--will improve the existing 26 miles of riverside paths and work to turn the remaining 25 miles of publicly-owned land into "pedestrian and bike-friendly paths with bike shops, kayak rentals, and eateries along the way." And though it only launched today, Greenway 2020 is already counting the La Kretz Crossing pedestrian bridge and NBCUniversal's $13-million contribution to the bike path as early victories. If the plan is successful, the greenway would ultimately stretch from the western San Fernando Valley to all the way to Long Beach.

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