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Bar-less Boutique Hotel Proposed in Hermosa Beach

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The way things are shaping up, the South Bay boutique hotel wars of 2015 are going to be fierce, with Redondo's Shade Hotel under construction and a luxury hotel just proposed on Hermosa's Pier Avenue. Tonight Hermosa Beach is considering plans for a second new hotel there--a three-story, 30-room affair called Clash Boutique Hotel, slated to fill a long-vacant lot. With a name like Clash you might think this is destined to be a local hotspot, but that doesn't seem to be the case: there's no bar planned, in an effort to counter Hermosa Beach's party reputation. While there has been some local opposition to the plans (all together now: parking, traffic, and height), the city council seems to be pleased with how things are shaping up, according to the Daily Breeze. In fact, it's been the strategy to attract more nice hotels to town, with the thought that people who stay in expensive hotels probably have more money to spend around town than those who stay in cheap hotels. Genius.
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