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Bev Hills's New/Historic Annenberg Arts Center Opens in Fall

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The construction signage--with its too-cute messages ("Today: Bulldozers. Tomorrow: Ballet.")--has been up forever, but the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills is finally wrapping up, the Los Angeles Business Journal reports (sub. req.). The nonprofit center, paid for by Annenberg and other donors, started work over two years ago and was initially budgeted at $30 million, though that amount grew to something more "undisclosed." The center, designed by Zoltan Pali, features a new 500-seat theater, and also incorporates the city's adjacent 1933 Italianate-style post office, turning it into a 150-seat venue, drama school for kids, cafe, and gift shop; courtyards, a sunken sculpture garden, event terrace, and underground parking surround the space. When it opens in the fall, the center will present opera, dance, theater, lectures, and kids' programming.
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