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Here Are the 134 Pot Shops Now Allowed to Operate in LA

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In May, a tiny percentage of Los Angeles voters passed Proposition D, finally (strictly) regulating the city's pot shops (the matter had been going back and forth in city government for years). Under the new rules, about 135 shops across Los Angeles are allowed to remain open; the list of eligible dispensaries is down below. The LA Times reports that the city attorney sent out 1,700 letters last month telling ineligible dispensaries to shut it down, "warning dispensary owners and their landlords that they could go to jail if they don't shut their doors." But after years of erratic laws and enforcement, there is still plenty of confusion and defiance--some newly-illegal shops are straight up just refusing to close post-D, or saying they'll reinvent themselves as delivery services or private clubs. It's pretty hard to believe the matter will finally be settled now, especially with a new (liberalish) mayor and city attorney and a recent state Supreme Court ruling that gives cities permission to create their own regulations. But for now, here're the places that are still selling:

Prop D Pot Shops by curbedla

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