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Oh God, Your Lyft Driver is Probably an Aspiring Actor

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One of the many wonderful things about Los Angeles is that sometimes the stereotypes are true, and they're ridiculous. As the city attempts to shut down regulation-skirting taxi-ish services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, the LA Times confirms the obvious: most of their unlicensed cabbies are actors and filmmakers and other entertainment industry aspirants (they like the flexibility of the hours). Lyft just launched in January and now has several hundred drivers in Los Angeles; nearly 60 percent are in the industry. Sidecar thinks about half of its drivers are. Now it's one thing to have a hot actory person serving you drinks at a loud bar, but sharing a car ride? Total cringey shitshow:

-- "By day, Jimmy Lucia is an actor. By night, he roams the streets of Los Angeles as BatLyft. Cruising in his blue 2013 Kia Rio hatchback, Batman-masked Lucia picks up strangers and takes them wherever they want to go." (That sounds really un-terrifying, being picked up by an unlicensed driver in a mask.)
-- "Lucia may be one of the flashiest of the new-age cabbies. Along with his Batman mask, he also brings along a Robin mask and an iPad. While he drives, his riders turn the iPad into a makeshift photo booth and snap pictures in the Batman get-up. Lucia later uploads the photos to his Twitter account, @BatLyft, for them to download."
-- Lucia says "Everybody has a survival job, and some people, like me, are lucky to have a 'thrival' job — I can thrive in this job while I pursue my dreams."
-- And: "They don't feel like they're in some cab. They feel like I'm their friend who's just continuing the party."
-- "Sidecar's Brian Drolet, an actor who has appeared on MTV's 'The Hills' and 'Disaster Date' series, said one of his most memorable experiences as a driver came when one of his passengers recognized him from TV. She began yelling, 'Oh my God,' and took pictures and even invited him to hang out with her and her friends later."
-- "'Sometimes, if I get to be really chatty with people, I'll show them the trailer in my car and tell them to look out for it,' Drolet said about his upcoming movie, 'Dumbbells.'"
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