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SaMo Palihouse Says Angry Neighbor is Harassing Staff

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There have been grumblings from neighbors about noise since local hotel mini-chain Palihouse opened its first branch on the Westside in a historic 1927 Santa Monica building last month, and the hotel just grumbled back. Laura Wilson, who says the hotel is totally out of place on her residential street, has been campaigning against the hotel for months now; Her YouTube page is filling up with recordings of valet violations, and she's been talking and writing to neighbors to build support for the anti-Palihouse cause. She may not be winning the war, but she is at least making an effective nuisance of herself. According to Santa Monica Patch, Palihouse sent her a cease and desist letter last week asking her "to stop 'the harassment of hotel employees and guests' and calling her behavior 'erratic.'" Wilson admits to speaking with hotel staff and guests, but denies her behavior is erratic; she's merely a "passionate advocate for their neighborhood."
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