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You Could Get the Chance to Pay to Drive on the 405!

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County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, who reps the suburban northern part of the county, wants to turn the 405's carpool lane--which is just now (nightmarishly) being built out--into a high-occupancy toll lane, even though he hates congestion pricing, he tells FOX11. Antonovich's proposal, which Metro is investigating as we speak, would charge solo drivers a toll to use the carpool lanes during peak traffic times, just like on portions of the 10 and 110. The 405 widening project, which is adding a northbound carpool lane from the 10 to the 101 and building new on-ramps, off-ramps, and bridges, is a year late and $100 million over budget; Antonovich doesn't want all of LA County to be on the hook for the cost overruns, but would prefer instead to charge it to the Valley-to-Westside commuters who actually use the freeway. The toll lanes wouldn't open until the carpool lane is done next year; Metro should have a report on the proposal in the next month or two.
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