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San Pedro's New Park Links Up Waterfront and Downtown

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After breaking ground more than a year ago, the first phase of San Pedro's revamped Plaza Park, a walkway and waterfront overlook, opened for merriment yesterday. The park has been called one of the most visible public spaces in the area, and has been a sad site for more than a decade. An earlier plan for the overhaul proposed building "a cobblestone monument to greet incoming ships" that would "rival the famed Hollywood sign," but somehow that didn't make it into the final proposal. Instead, San Pedroans got a nice strip of grass, new benches and LED lights, and stainless steel railings for the walkway. According to the Daily Breeze, phase two will include developing the hillside below the new park, "a handicapped accessible ramp, a lookout deck and native plants." That won't be finished until at least 2016, and workers have already run into "sediment challenges" at the site. When all is said and done, the new park will link the waterfront area (and Ports O' Call Village) to the downtown shopping district. Nice work, San Pedro, but we're still not going to call you the Greenwich Village of Los Angeles.
· Transformed Plaza Park reopens at San Pedro waterfront overlook [DB]