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Rent a Little Guesthouse in Malibu's Bucolic Decker Canyon

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Plucked from the Craigslist grab bag today is a notice for a one-bedroom, one-bath guesthouse located within the woodsy confines of Malibu's Decker Canyon. Per the ad, "if you like rustic living and want to finish a dissertation or heal from a break up, this is a great little place." The 750-square-foot cottage's features include Saltillo-tiled floors, a wood-burning stove, all-in-one washer/dryer, patio with furniture, and one dedicated parking spot. Electricity, water, and firewood are included in the rent, which is $1,750 per month.
· $1750 / 1br - 750ft² - CUTE, PRIVATE GUEST HOUSE [Craigslist]