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SaMo Anti-Nuke Sculpture Could Get a Little Peace Sign Garden

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Santa Monica's crumbling anti-nuke sculpture "Chain Reaction" has been hanging on for dear life as supporters try to raise money for its upkeep after it was slated for removal by the city council, then quickly landmarked by the historical commission. Now from the Santa Monica Daily Press comes word that campaigners have barely made a dent in the $400,000 total the city says they need to raise to save the work. But they have designed a garden!

The plans for the "peace garden" at the Civic Center call for a buffer zone to be planted around the fiberglass mushroom cloud to keep people at a safe distance from the sculpture, and a walking path in the shape of a broken peace sign to surround it. "The not-quite peace sign symbolizes that 'we aren't really there yet' as a civilization," explains the garden's designer.

Which we're sure would be lovely, but "Chain Reaction" fans have only raised about $15,000 of their $400,000 goal. They have until February to do the lion's share of the work, but are feeling optimistic. "I feel like we're going to get this done because we've got such a good group assembled," said Dave Conrad. "Chain Reaction" was designed by Dave's dad Paul Conrad in 1991. Two years ago the decaying piece was deemed a public health hazard, and its fate has been in limbo ever since. If campaigners raise the money to restore the sculpture and make it safe, Santa Monica will kick in another $50,000 for landscaping.
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