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Come Drive Around the Lost Bunker Hill of the 1940s

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The always-rewarding Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles blog has dug up a six-minute video shot from a car as it drove through Bunker Hill and Downtown in the 1940s--a lot of this scenery has been lost over the years, and in particular the beautiful residential iteration of Bunker Hill (the neighborhood is now covered in ugly skyscrapers). A commenter at says "The first two minutes of this footage is the background process plate for Douglas Sirk's film 'Shockproof', 1949. This is from scene when parole officer Griff Marat (Cornel Wilde) rides with Jenny Marsh (Patricia Knight) from her house to him." Kinda beats the hell out of LA Noire, we gotta say.

· A Drive Through Bunker Hill and Downtown Los Angeles, ca. 1940s []