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Santa Monica's First Four Pedicabs Now Taking Fares

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Now that Santa Monica's first pedicabs have hit the streets, will the tourist-ferrying bike taxis ease downtown's traffic nightmare or manage to make it even worse? Who knows! With only four licensed drivers (so far) pedaling for just one company, they're unlikely to make much difference either way. But, according to LA Bike Taxi owner Jose Prats, they've brought joy to the people in their first day in business, and what's more important than that? "There's lots of people that were pointing at us and smiling and surprised to see Pedicabs in Santa Monica," he told Santa Monica Patch. Prats said his drivers spent their first day in business scouting locations, and will probably spend most of their time near the pier, Third Street Promenade, and Ocean Avenue. He hopes to add more drivers as business expands--licensing is run by the city and includes a bicycle safety class.
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