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Rent in Beachwood Canyon's Mystical Krotona Colony

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Today's Craigslist rummage turns up a notice of an availability in Beachwood Canyon's Krotona colony, where the mystical Theosophist Society attempted for a decade to build a utopia before decamping to Ojai in 1924. Up for grabs is a one-bedroom apartment in the building the sect called the Ternary. Designed in 1915 by architect Alfred Heineman to house the colony's VIPs, the Spanish-Moorish style structure features elaborate Batchelder tiles and Egyptian and Islamic details such as keyhole windows and turrets. Per the ad, the available unit features a living room, dining room, hardwood floors, built-ins, high ceilings, a fireplace, air conditioning, a garden, an attached garage, and street parking. Monthly rent is $1,700.

· $1700 / 1br - Chic Art-Deco 1+1 w views of the Hollywood Hills [Craigslist]