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Find your Home with Campbell Wellman

In the market to buy or sell a home in the Los Angeles area? Consider working with Campbell Wellman, a boutique brokerage firm that appears to be doing everything right these days.

In just four months, the young entrepreneurs have reached production levels of fifty million in property sales. Leveraging their expertise from time spent as appraisers, Campbell Wellman accurately prices and effectively markets listings. Plus, the firm is accustomed to working with the most discerning buyers and understands the art of remodeling. In short, Campbell Wellman knows how to get the job done.

In addition to their influential role in the real estate game, Campbell Wellman is an active force in local community outreach. The socially aware organization gives back by working with Heal the Bay, LAMP, Cage Free Canine Camp, and more.

Campbell Wellman is conveniently located
in Venice to discuss all of your real estate needs. To learn more, visit here. >>