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Malibu Residents Can Now Go Around Issuing Parking Tickets

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Malibu residents take an enormous, perhaps obsessive, interest in where outsiders park: they like to put up fake parking signs, create fake driveways, put out cones, and sometimes even hire security guards to shoo away potential visitors. So why not just give some residents the power to ticket too? Oh, they're doing that. Starting today, a group called the Volunteers on Patrol, formerly in the business of "assisting deputies with directing traffic, monitoring parking, and issuing [non-binding] warning citations," are allowed to issue parking tickets, the kind that come with fines attached. It'll really help out, since just in time for beach season the city instituted three-hour time limits on many of its formerly-un-time-limited spaces. Ticketing volunteers have received a half-day of training "wherein they're taught about what constitutes a moving violation, how to mark tires on cars, how to deal with people and avoid conflict — that kind of thing," a rep for the city tells KPCC. They can hit the streets whenever they like (minimum 16 hours a month). And they won't ticket if you park at a fake "no parking" sign, but they also won't be taking those signs down--that would be trespassing.
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