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Mixed-Use Apartments Proposed For Busy Fairfax Intersection

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Next week, the Mid-City West Neighborhood Council's land use committee will weigh plans for up to 150 apartments and 4,000 square feet of groundfloor retail at the intersection of Fairfax and San Vicente. The site is currently owned by Shalhevet, a small Jewish high school, which also owns the property north of the proposed building location, up to the recently-shuttered Tom Bergin's. According to Park La Brea News, under the plan, Shalhevet would demolish their current facility and move into a building on the southern portion of the property while a new school building is constructed on the northern part. Once the school moves, developer Alliance Residential (which just opened The Hesby in North Hollywood), would get to work on its proposed mixed-user. Their plans include a mix of one- and two-story units with the retail near the San Vicente/Fairfax intersection. There is no affordable housing planned, but there is talk of traffic-improving measures like a bus turnout lane. If all is approved, work could start later this year.
· Shalhevet proposes new school facilities [PLBN]