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Toluca Lake's Papoo Becomes Umami, Red Bread in Culver, DTLA's Terroni Opens, DineLA Week

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TOLUCA LAKE: The Papoo's Hot Dog Show weiner shack on Riverside is now a new Umami outpost. The trendy burger spot features nods to its past with dogs on the menu and pics of Fido on the wall.

CULVER CITY: Washington Boulevard rubs off a bit more grime with the arrival of the new Red Bread establishment. Red Bread, an artisan market and cafe with breakfast and lunch menu items, opens Saturday.

DOWNTOWN: Ok, we'll stop talking about Terroni after this. You likely know the Southern Italian spot on Beverly Boulevard, but now the Toronto-based restaurant is open for business on Spring Street. Woo-wee--is this a beautiful spot or what?

LOS ANGELES: We are in the midst of dineLA week, which lasts until July 26 and features discounted meals at some of the city's--and country's--best restaurants. Eater has done all the work and picked out the best options; take a look.
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