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State Bill Would Require Giant "NOT A GOVERNMENT WORKER" Signs on Buses Driven by Contractors

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Metro's director of government relations says that a bill under consideration by the State Assembly would require contractor bus drivers to be branded with a "scarlet letter." The measure, which was passed by the State Senate, would require the phrase "THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE" to appear on all contract drivers' uniforms and "THE OPERATOR OF THIS VEHICLE IS NOT A GOVERNMENT WORKER" in giant letters on all buses driven by contractors. Subtle. According to County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's website, the "bill represents an attempt to reverse a trend toward increased use of contractors and temporary workers, who do not have the same benefits and protections as staff employees. It also aims to inform the public about who is providing services and who is accountable for them." It would also cost $1 million to implement, which is why the LA County Board of Supervisors voted to oppose the proposed legislation yesterday, joining other groups including the San Diego Metropolitan Transportation System, which mocked up the image above.
· Bill would spell it out, big time [Zev Web]