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Ice Cream Trucks on Demand, Medians For Pico Boulevard

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LOS ANGELES: Tomorrow, controversial sort-of-taxi service Uber will give enormous power to anyone with a smartphone: the power to summon an ice cream truck. For one day only, there'll be a little "ice cream" button on the Uber app--click it and an ice cream truck will swing by. Unclear if the ice cream truck will also give you a ride. [Curbed Inbox]

MID-CITY: Something's finally being done about the wall-to-wall car sitch on Pico--Paper or Plastik Cafe (on Pico near Fairfax) says in a newsletter "the city is finally building us a landscaped median ... When completed, we imagine our patio will be a cozier place to sit as the traffic slows down on Pico. It get's better: according to the neighborhood association, we'll be getting medians all along Pico Boulevard, so get on your walking shoes and prepare to stroll." [Curbed Inbox]