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5 Plans For Addressing the Nightmare Men's Central Jail in DTLA

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The Men's Central Jail is a disaster--it's falling apart, overcrowded, and it doesn't provide adequate mental or medical health services to inmates. Civil rights groups have long called it one of the worst jails in the country, so now, with the possibility that the federal government could step in, the County is looking at tearing it down and building something new. Yesterday, the Board of Supes heard five plans for replacing the jail: "All of them involve tearing down the structure and building a new facility for inmates with mental health needs," according to KPCC, but there are still plenty of people who think the plans provide too much jail and not enough actual help for anyone (specifically, they think a lot of the construction money could go toward better community services). None of the plans would change the actual capacity of the jail, but they'd somehow decrease crowding and "create safer facilities, with new sightlines that would allow guards to better monitor the inmates," according to the LA Times. Meanwhile, the Supes are concerned about the pricetag--$1.3 to $1.6 billion, which would make this "the county's largest building project ever" (the County would issue bonds to cover costs).

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