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Gaudy Condo in Historic WeHo Celeb-Favorite Granville Towers

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West Hollywood's handsome French Normandy Granville Towers, built in 1930 and designed by architect Leland Bryant, have been home to Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, David Bowie, and Nora Ephron, but they were most recently in the news this spring when Twilight star Ashley Greene burned her rental unit down. This apparently non-fire-damaged unit has been on and off the market consistently for about two years now and could probably use some kind of a purging cleanse--it's done up in the unfortunate "utter cheeseball" style, with "7 decorative ceiling medallions" and "12 crystal chandeliers," as the listing boasts (an earlier listing screamed "VERSAILLE [sic] PALACE"). It also has two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, plus access to the building's pool, gardens, 24-hour security, and dog run. While the price has jumped around, it appears to be back to its original asking of $1.299 million, with monthly HOA dues of $1,101. It's also eligible for Mills Act historic property tax breaks.

· 1424 N Crescent Heights Unit 20 West Hollywood, CA [Estately]