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LA River Recreation Back On After Huge Tanker Spill

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A bit of good news: after the scary fuel tanker crash at the 2 and 5 interchange in Elysian Valley this weekend, the LA River reopened yesterday for kayaking, the LA Times reports. The truck crash sent gasoline pouring towards the river and created a mini-mushroom cloud up in the sky--outdoor enthusiasts were told to get the hell out immediately (and this is all not long after a stretch of the river reopened after being off limits for 80-odd years). Thankfully, only a few gallons of gasoline seeped into the river and what did will soon evaporate. Steve Appleton, co-owner of LA River Kayak Safari, was forced to cancel trips after the Saturday crash, but is now back to leading his three-and-a-half hour tours. Appleton himself was on the water when the big-rig blew up: "One thing that didn't cross our minds was that we could be paddling through flames."
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