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What If the Proposed New LACMA Were Covered in Giant Heads?

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Here are some images from "Turning Heads," a SCI-Arc thesis project that "suggest[s] a different tectonic for figural architecture" by sticking a bunch of giant heads on something that looks a lot like Peter Zumthor's proposed plans for a new LACMA campus. We'd be lying if we said the project made a ton of sense to us ("the nonrepresentational figure is linguistically meaningless yet phenomenologically exceptional"), but who can't enjoy a giant abstract head housing a large sculpture sitting on a black blob meant to represent tar? After all, as the project description on eVolo notes, "this thesis exploits the figure which is not meant to have meaning. It is meant to turn heads." Enjoy.

· Turning Heads: The Pictorial Figure | LACMA Rethought [eVolo]

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