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Brentwood's the BW Apartments Will Open in September

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The almost-finished the bw apartment building has already livened up that area where Brentwood and West LA meet--the northeast corner of Wilshire and Barrington was once the proposed site of a 28-story tower, but the project was severely shrunken down post-recession. Now an eight-story mixed-user with about 78 units, the bw is like Tom Cruise: a tad squat, but certainly handsome. Living this centrally-located--for the Westside--will cost ya: one-bedrooms start at $2,925 and two-bedrooms begin at $3,849. Both sized units are available with dens for a bit more. Developer California Landmark is taking info from interested parties as we speak. The official opening is planned for September 15 and a 3 Square Cafe from chef Hans Röckenwagner will operate out of the ground floor.

· the bw [Official Site]

the bw

1168 S. Barrington Ave., Los Angeles, CA