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Fauxtalian Fortress-Builder Palmer Bringing Condos to Pac Pal

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A very long-delayed condo project on a destroyed hillside in Pacific Palisades is finally moving ahead and it's sure to be hideous. The Tramonto hillside has been empty ever since a 1965 landslide, and plans to build a whole bunch of condos have been in the works for more than a decade. But now construction to "secure the ground and replace it with compacted dirt" could finally start this month, reports the Palisadian-Post. Why will it be hideous? Because the developer is GH Palmer Associates, famed for their enormous, fortress-like, Tuscanish monstrosities in and around Downtown (the Pieros, the Orsinis, etc.). (Still, we're sure they'll put out something a little nicer than usual for fancy Pac Pal.)

Palmer will build 30 units on the 1.06 acres; there were once plans to build a 61-unit townhouse condo project on a nearby lot, but it's unclear where those stands (Harridge Development bought the land from original developer California Landmark). The shoring-up should take about a year, and then building can begin. The project sits just above the recently-opened and very fancy Rockwell condos.
· Tramonto Landslide Dirt Removal Set to Begin for 30-Unit Complex [Palisadian-Post]