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WeHo's New Party Bus "The Pick-Up Line" Launches July 26

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Last night the West Hollywood City Council chose an operator to run a six-month pilot of its party bus, which will shuttle drunken barhoppers up and down Santa Monica Boulevard on Friday and Saturday nights. The line will run--at no charge to riders--from 8 pm to 3 am on weekend nights, and the service is due to kick off in just 10 days, on July 26. And, according to Wehoville, the new line also has a new name: the Pick-Up Line, a modified version of one of three marketing schticks presented to the council last night (pdf). In case you're wondering how you might use this name in conversation, branding agency Symblaze helpfuly suggested some potential slogans and phrases:

-- The WeHo PickUp: Cuddling and breakfast not required.
-- Finally--a PickUp you can count on.
-- Hop on. No fancy lines needed for this PickUp.

The Pick-Up Line beat out two other punny contenders: The Shot and The WHIP. The Shot is "about the diva in all of us--our desire to be in the shot, to be included, to be seen." Potential slogans included:

-- Step into The Shot.
-- The Shot that captures your night.
-- Hey, sexy--don't miss your Shot.

The WHIP, on the other hand, is a "snappy, suggestive name" that either stands for "West Hollywood InterParty" or "West Hollywood Independent Pickup." According to the agency, it's not just a clever acronym (clearly!), it also "carries a safety message: getting Whipped = doing the right thing." With slogans like "WHIP it out" and "Get WHIPped before you're bad" here's how they suggest using the name in conversation:

-- "We're gonna WHIP on over--see you in 10."
-- "We WHIPped over from..."

Councilmember John Heilman was worried back in April that, with all the talk of "hot" and "sexy" buses, they might come outfitted with stripper poles. But he seems on board with the winning concept, even wondering if they could get the 200 same-sex couples recently married in West Hollywood "to come out and ride 'The Pick-up Line' to teach us how it's done."
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