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Mapping Where Riders Get On and Off Metro Train Lines

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Behold: 2012 Metro rail ridership mapped, via The Source. The transit agency has taken it's average weekday ridership from fiscal year 2012 (July 2011 through June 2012, which is why there's no Expo Line data) to show where people are entering and exiting the system. Judging by the blobs, the number of entries remains pretty consistent throughout the length of most lines--the major exceptions being the Green Line east of the Blue Line, and the East LA spur of the Gold Line. And while the most popular destination stations are Downtown, plenty of people are taking the trains to other locations. For instance, all of the Red Line stops between Hollywood and Downtown are popular with riders, and those eastern Gold and Green Line branches are much more popular disembarkation points. But hardly anyone's taking the other Gold Line branch (through Highland Park, Pasadena, and beyond) anywhere other than Downtown. This may not be the most high-tech data visualization we've seen, but it's interesting to see how people are using our slowly-expanding rail network. Bring on the Expo Line data in next year's maps.

· 2012 Ridership visualized! [The Source]