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Caine's Arcade is Shutting Down; Caine is Opening a Bike Shop

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Caine Monroy, the adorable and ambitious kid outta Boyle Heights who shot to fame after a local filmmaker stopped into his homemade arcade last year, is moving on. (He's 10! That's what kids do!) He's shutting down the now-all-famous-and-popular Caine's Arcade--which runs out of his dad's auto shop--and opening up a bike shop. NBC LA reports that "Caine got the idea after buying a new bike and giving his old one a makeover." The arcade will close on August 3, although it will continue as "a traveling arcade in a partnership with Toms shoes." Ooooook. Meanwhile, a college fund created for Caine now has $236,000 in it, which might be enough to pay for a semester by the time he gets there.
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