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Marina Del Rey House Has 10,000-Gallon Shark Tank and Glass-Bottomed Rooftop Pool

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If you don't mind being the first to go in the event of a sharknado and also you have terrible taste, there's a place in Marina Del Rey you're gonna love. We don't mean to imply that glass-bottomed rooftop pools, 10,000-gallon shark tanks, or oversized novelty chessboards are ever uncool--they aren't, they just never are--but the rest of this house is an assaulting jumble of bad finishes and weird layout and it is hideous. It comes with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, fireplaces everywhere, a wine room, a pizza oven, a cramped-looking theater or two, a "disco ball room," a spa, and a gym. Surprisingly, this place doesn't seem to be selling--it's been on and off the market with assorted pricechops for months--but it's currently asking $5.725 million.

· 5102 Pacific Avenue Marina Del Rey, CA [Estately]