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Max Factor's Restored Seven Suite Compound

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Location: 232 Avenida Ortega
Price: $1,785,000
Size: 7 suites (w/ kitchen & bath), 6,253 sq. ft.

Oooh, here's one to go in on with friends and/or family (no judging if you have neither). The former Max Factor compound in Palm Springs (aka The Fontenell) has been hanging on the market for a few months now, and is offering up some sweet vintage accommodations surrounding a central pool courtyard. "Seven carefully appointed suites surround a triangular shaped swimming pool creating a self contained compound. Each suite contains a full kitchen, dining area, sitting room, bedroom and bath... No two are exactly alike and you need only bring your tooth brush as this special property? is sold completely furnished." FYI, it last sold in 2011 for $795k.

· 232 Avenida Ortega, Palm Springs, CA [Trulia]