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New Atwater-Griffith Park Bridge Headed Over the LA River

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Yesterday the Board of Public Works approved a new bridge across the LA River at North Atwater Park--the 302-foot long suspension bridge is part of the LA River Master Plan and would be open to pedestrians, bicyclists, and horses (and presumably other animals, too). It would connect the neighborhood and stables on the east side of the river to Griffith Park and the bikeway on the west--at present riders on horseback have to have an Oregon Trail moment and ford the river, says KCET. The project has been in the works for decades, and designs for this concept were first floated back in 2011. So while it's getting closer, the project still needs to be approved by the City Council and the mayor. Assuming that goes well, the $6-million bridge will be funded in large part by a $5-million commitment from real estate developer Mort La Kretz (most famous for building the iconic Crossroads of the World in Hollywood).
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North Atwater Park

3900 Chevy Chase Dr., Los Angeles, CA