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Did Paul Ryan Kill the XpressWest Fast Train To Vegas?

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Remember how yesterday the High Desert Corridor was maybe going to link California High-Speed Rail to the high-speed line to Las Vegas? Turns out the speedy train to Vegas may now be dead in the water, so scratch that! According to a letter dated yesterday from Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Jeff Sessions (linked by a commenter; thanks, commenter!), the US Department of Transportation has indefinitely suspended its review of DesertXpress's loan application. The pair had written to Transportation Secretary Roy LaHood earlier this year calling the project "costly, wasteful and high risk," and asked for the loan application to be reviewed. Yesterday's letter was posted on a blog run by the train-hating right wing think tank the Heritage Foundation, which is predictably pleased with this turn of events. While the DesertXpress may not be going anywhere in a hurry, thank goodness the X Train still plans to get us there, slowly but drunkenly, once they manage to find a station.
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