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Work Can Start Soon On New Metrolink Perris Extension

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An armistice has been reached between officials at Metrolink, the region's commuter rail system, and a group of NIMBYs in Riverside County, allowing construction to commence on a 24-mile extension of the 91 line to Perris. A group called Friends of Riverside's Hills dropped their suit against Metrolink in exchange for $3 million in concessions that include noise reduction and money for nearby bicycle and hiking trails. Now the $237-million project just needs clearance on a $75-million grant and then construction can start, likely at the end of the summer or fall, with an opening planned in early 2015. The extension will connect Perris with DTLA's Union Station, adding four new stations--in Riverside, Moreno Valley, downtown Perris, and south Perris--and bringing in over 4,000 new daily riders.
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