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Shrunken La Cienega Mixed-User May No Longer Be Feasible

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What was that about NIMBYs giving SoCal a housing shortage? The latest issue involves a proposed mixed-user on La Cienega, north of the Beverly Center, reports Park La Brea News. The developer, Beverly La Cienega LLC, wanted to build a five-story project that's 56 feet tall. Some neighbors cried foul and, with the help of Councilman Paul Koretz, the building was recently shaved down to 50 feet (still five feet taller than the neighborhood typically allows) by the Planning and Land Use Committee. Now a consultant working for the developer says the loss of six feet will mean they'll have to slice off an entire story and nine units--and the entire project may not pencil out anymore. The developer is now considering adding affordable units, which would allow for a bit more density/more apartments, though who knows if that will drive up the price of the market-rate units. The project, very close to another new mixed-user, would replace a row of one-story retail building and a billboard. The full City Council will weigh in on the development next month.
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