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Meet the Lost Mount Washington Railway, Closed in 1919

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KCET continues its delightful series on the tiny railways of Los Angeles (our specialty!) with a video on the Mount Washington Incline Railway. Back in the early 1900s, Mount Washington was a scrubby, difficult-to-access bit of hillside land, but Robert Marsh had designs on building a residential community there. In 1909, he opened the funicular on the hill's eastern slope and the area began to thrive; Mack Sennett and his motion-picture-making gang were among those who flocked to the 'hood. The railway closed in 1919 and the grand Mt. Washington Hotel Marsh built to draw visitors? It's now the headquarters of the Self-Realization Fellowship.

· Incline L.A.: The Lost Residential Railway of Mt. Washington [KCET]