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Ports O' Call Developers Want a Ferry Terminal Marketplace

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Work on the planned revamp of San Pedro's faded tourist-draw, Ports O' Call, can't start before the current leases run out in 2015, which gives redevelopers LA Waterfront Alliance lots of time to figure out what they are going to do. And according to the Daily Breeze, they have a bunch of new ideas. For instance, they are now considering moving the Los Angeles Maritime Museum out of the San Pedro ferry terminal and into Ports O' Call. The move would free up more visitor-friendly uses for the ferry terminal that could also be popular with locals (a coffee shop, restaurant, and the like), and would give the museum a more "interactive, programmable" space nearer AltaSea, the enormous planned marine research center. Other plans include making two nearby streets unidirectional, adding diagonal parking, and making other infrastructure improvements that will ease the already terrible traffic. The redevelopers seem prepared for pushback from the community. They seem to want to stress that no final decisions have been made--"Everything's up in the air," Alan Johnson assured the paper, saying also that "he's looking for 'buy-in' from the community before going forward" with any of their plans. He's already anticipating resistance to a big change like moving the museum out of the ferry terminal, much as the previously-floated idea to change the name of Ports O' Call did not go over well with longtime residents.
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