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Architect Young Woo's 1968 Mt. Wash House Hits Market For the First Time Asking $960K

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It's the first time ever on the market for this 1968 house in Mt. Washington, the longtime residence of architect Young Woo. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom with studio is mostly in its original condition (including a little popcorn ceiling action), save new flooring and an updated kitchen. It sits on a quarter-acre, but judging from the photos, much of it is wooded hillside. There is, however, a deck and a few private patios. Inside, a raised roof, clerestory windows, and walls of windows surround the house and contribute to the airy feel, in addition to providing views to Downtown. There's also a "den with sliding walls [that] separates the guest bedrooms from the main living areas." The house was published in Architectural Record as a Record House in 1968, and is now on the market for $960,000.
· 3763 Mayfair Drive [Redfin]