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Black-Owned Businesses Already Being Pushed Out of Leimert Park Ahead of the Crenshaw Line

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Yesterday Metro released the brand new map for the Crenshaw/LAX light rail line, with all eight stations marked, including the recently-added and hotly-debated Leimert Park stop at Crenshaw/Vernon. The neighborhood fought hard for the stop and the city and Metro worked hard to shuffle around money to fund it; its inclusion was just announced last month. But it looks like the gentrification train is already headed into the station in the predominantly-black neighborhood--a few weeks ago, Our Weekly reported that, recently, "A number of Black businesses in the Village have been notified that their leases won't be renewed." New property owners have been coming in, presumably to get in ahead of the subway, and they're cleaning house already--several commercial properties have changed hands and tenants say they're being forced out. Most of the businesses that will have to close are not only black-owned, but also specialize specifically in African-American wares and art--one owner says "We have the highest concentration of Black businesses [in the city]." She adds "We fought so hard to get the station. Then I wondered if we would still be here to enjoy it."
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