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Venice Walk Street House With a Huge Facelift Asking $3.5MM

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Lying about your age in LA isn't exactly noteworthy, but it takes balls to pass yourself off as a newborn when you're actually 34. The listing for this three-bedroom, three-bathroom house on a walk street in Venice says it was built in 2013, and we were all ready to believe it. It certainly looks new--that boxy architectural style is something we've seen a fair bit of lately, and all those fancypants fittings and appliances look straight out of the box. But then we got to looking at the peach stucco house that was presumably demolished to make way for this new build, and some things looked strangely familiar--that squat front door, spiral staircase, double-height living room with skylights, even the location of the fireplace and kitchen. Turns out the house has only had a massive facelift. What is new (and we're going to drop the plastic surgery analogy or things are going to get weird) is the pretty sweet roofdeck, complete with hot tub, barbecue, fridge, and ocean views. The house, about 50 feet from the sand, is asking $3.495 million.
· 17 26th Ave [Redfin]