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Los Angeles Outlaws Naked, Writhing Model Billboards

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The LA Department of Building and Safety is totally nanny-stating the good people of Los Angeles, refusing to allow a Project Runway ad full of writhing, greased-up, naked models onto our city's pure, untainted beacons of commerce (billboards). Even worse, New York is totally letting it slide! The ad, which shows "nude models worshiping a costumed Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn," according to Variety, has been outlawed due to a prohibition against "obscene matters" on signs. According to Too Fab, "The photo was set to run on billboards, posters, websites, bus shelters and in magazines, but the nude bodies were just a little too risque for the public in L.A. -- so a version with underwear will run in its place."
· Heidi Klum's Banned Nude Billboard -- Too Hot for Los Angeles! [Too Fab]