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SaMo's Fairmont Miramar and Huntley Hotels Go to War

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The proposed redevelopment of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica just brings out the worst in people. There was that overheated community meeting back in May where one attendee used some tortured analogy involving a dead cat to explain her feelings about overdevelopment in Santa Monica, and now the folks at the nearby Huntley Hotel worry that the affordable apartments the Fairmont proposes to build are "highly undesirable from a business and social perspective for the surrounding community." According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, the email was sent in 2011 by a relative of the Huntley's owner who was just "trying to be helpful." There have been a series of unfortunate incidents between the two hotels over the project--"vicious" meetings, racist flyers, vague threats of doom, and charges of tax avoidance. The email has come to light now because of a Fairmont flyer accusing Huntley of being hostile to affordable housing. A Huntley rep denied the claim, and--what a coincidence--this two-year-old email finds its way to the press. Talk about undesirable from a business and social perspective.
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Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

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