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SaMo Bungalow Court/Rich People Summer Camp is So Great It Can't Possibly Be an LA Thing

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Tomorrow's New York Times has a piece on the Chao Pound, a 12-unit bungalow court in Santa Monica owned by former National Enquirer reporter and Fox President-for-three-weeks Stephen Chao. Chao bought the place for $2 million in 2000, and it's now home to him and his handbag-designer girlfriend and an ever-changing line up of friends and family. (How is this not a television show yet?) It sounds like a sort of perpetual rich people summer camp, with galvanized tubs of beer and champagne, pendant lights hung from trees, good cheer, and camaraderie--it actually all sounds very nice in a ripped-from-a-J.-Crew-catalog kind of way, and the paper seems very impressed. So impressed that they must include nonsensical statements about Los Angeles to make sense of it all. For instance: "It's a lovely land of make-believe that has no connection to the way LA is trying to be make-believe." We, too, hate how everyone's always doing make-believe wrong. Another guest likened the spread to "a Gilded Age camp in the Adirondacks or an artists' colony like MacDowell. 'It's this bohemian Eastern environment,' she said. 'With this atelier spirit of invention and curiosity.'" That sound you hear is the rolling of eyes. But hey, check out the pictures?
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