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Mixed-Use Project on Site of WeHo's Palm Resto Still Lives

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A buried update in West Hollywood Councilmember Jeffrey Prang's newsletter mentions an extension on the development agreement for 9001 Santa Monica Boulevard, a proposed mixed-user on the site of the famous Palm restaurant. "On a 5-1 vote, the Commission recommend approval of Development Agreement to extend the life of the DA by 4 years to 2020. The amendment requires that construction begin by July 2016." The original DA was approved in 2007 (!) and was controversial for its height and proximity to loud nightclubs; planners worried residents would become nudges about the noise. But the height on the project was shrunk two years ago, from 62 feet to 55, and it moved forward like a tortoise in a race. As of 2011, the project was five stories and contained 42 units and retail.
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