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Old Ads For an Old Hotel, Griffith Observatory Opens Tuesdays

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LONG BEACH: Hotels Week hangover! Sarah Gilbert of the LA Conservancy's Modern Committee sends along with these very cool old ads for the SeaPort Marina Hotel, aka the Edgewater Inn, in Long Beach, which has long been threatened with demolition/redevelopment (nothing is currently in the works, but the site's still not any more protected). The old hotel is in bad shape, but ModCom is hoping steps up with an awesome rehabilitation plan--it's a beautiful mid-century property, someone's gotta be able to do something with it. [Curbed Inbox]

GRIFFITH PARK: Griffith Observatory is getting its Tuesdays back! With a new fiscal year starting, the landmark officially reopens six days a week (rather than five) for the full year. It's a little confusing because the observatory is always open Tuesdays during summer and school breaks, but now it's got a full 52 of them. [Curbed Inbox]